“A fabulously creative and engaging handbook for the purpose hungry intrapreneur, who aspires to change the world by changing their relationship to work.”

Gib Bulloch, Author, The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent

Gain invaluable insights and create your one-of-a-kind work life journey

Have you ever thought about your relationship to your work? Not just on a superficial level, but deep, deep down?

Most of us hardly ever take time for meaningful self-reflection. When we do, it is usually because of an event such as starting a new position, getting promoted, or being made redundant.

Doesn’t your work life deserve better? Don’t you want to understand why you are passionate about certain things, what keeps you moving, what makes you feel creative?

"Enter your flow" provides an engaging set of practical tools and exercises to take you through your personal journey to discover your 'flow channel'. Whether you’re looking for ways to be more creative and authentically ‘you’ in your current job, or are searching for fulfillment of your potential in life in general, you’ll find great support and inspiration here."

As expressed by Louise Agersnap, innovation expert, social scientist and artist

Organized like a good expedition should be:
from basics to mastery


Understand your current frame. Who are you? How connected are you to the work that you do? What motivates you at work? How does your work relate to your personal values?


Identify what you should focus on by discovering and exploring your strengths, and passions. Develop new insights about your full potential. Tap into your creativity and innovation,


Set sail and enter your flow channel. Use your insights, confidence, and resilience to find your voice. Explore your decision-making process and how your flow channel can help you make the right decisions.

Thought provoking exercises

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“Just get it and enjoy how this book can transform your life.”
Peter Matthies Founder of the Conscious Business Institute

Our mission is to empower you to find fulfillment and happiness by mastering your area of expertise, understanding your uniqueness, and having clarity on your purpose.

Get on board

Our unique approach blends left- and right-brain experiences, and calls for your active participation.

Engage in a journey of self-discovery through guided exercises and reflections.

Gain insights, find your voice, and make decisions to create the work life journey that you deserve.

Our story

It all started with a drink and dinner in Geneva. Three guys who talked for hours about their individual passion for impacting others, personal growth, communication and learning. And then they wondered: What could they do if they combined their collective experiences? Soon after, in January 2020, they met again in Barcelona, this time with Zsuzsanna joining them.

We asked ourselves

How can we help professionals develop their strengths and uncover the elements needed to lead to a happy, successful, and satisfying work life?

Initially, these elements might seem obvious and easy to find.

The reality, however, is that many people become trapped in a downward spiral of work pressures, poor leadership, bad work environments, colleagues who are struggling to find their own way, and even societal pressures. When left unchecked, this downward spiral results in talents, creativity, and values becoming diluted or, even worse, erased.

Your reality can be different

As you gain clarity in your approach and relationship to your work, your personal journey is enriched and you understand what it takes to reach your full potential. You enter your flow. And when you enter your flow, you create a positive impact in the lives of others and in the workplace.

We brought our experiences together because we realized that the lessons and insights that we had learned through our years of working in different fields could help others. The mission of the Work Life Flow movement is to create and curate a community of professionals who want to change the world by changing their relationship to work. So, we set out on a journey of our own by coming together and writing a book.

About the authors

Tony Anagor is an accomplished coach and trainer with over 25 years of experience. He works with CEOs, leaders, and their teams to enhance emotional intelligence, communication, negotiation skills and handling challenging conversations. Of Nigerian heritage, born and raised in London, and now residing in Barcelona, Tony is passionate about personal growth and success strategies

John Zimmer is an expert in public speaking. He practiced law for 25 years with a major Canadian law firm and the United Nations. John is passionate about the power of persuasive speaking. Today, he works with companies and individuals to help them articulate their ideas clearly and convincingly. John is also a member of an improv group in Geneva. Besides performing on stage, he also helps people discover the many benefits of improv for their organizations

Zsuzsanna Ferenczi is a strategic advisor and mentor, working with leaders from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Her 26 years of experience leading teams in the high tech and finance industries across the globe coupled with her multi-cultural background, allows her to connect with people at a deeper level. Her passion is to guide leaders on a journey of self-discovery so that they can lean into their uniqueness without fear, and create extraordinary organizations with highly engaged teams.

Paul Jeremaes has always been passionate about the importance of creativity and innovation. As the founder and former director of the Hewlett-Packard EMEA Customer Innovation Centers, he helped organizations and individuals to create breakthrough business ideas and turn those ideas into a business success. Today Paul continues to research and promote ways to democratize innovation in the workplace.

Kevin Woodson has spent a lifetime helping people and organizations around the world find inspiration and collaborate on projects that make a difference. Kevin’s repertoire includes graphic recording, fine art, and illustration. He regularly exhibits his paintings and sculpture, facilitates strategic visioning in businesses, and is Art Director of Living Lab Gallery in Taiwan.

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